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Holly F.

8 months ago


I think it's a witch hunt n mueller continues to waste tax payer money


Marilyn C.

9 months ago


they all make me sick ! nobody talks about old slick willy he couldn't keep ,his zipper up but hey its ok for a libtard ! who cares what Trump did 12 yrs ago ! and ovomit committed treason over and over do they care NO ! HELL NO ! IM FED UP WITH THE LEFT ! AND... THE VIEW IS SMUT PURE SMUT !


Glinda Gail K.

9 months ago

Marilyn honey you forgot to take your meds today and it really shows. Obama did not commit treason. None of your other comments are truthful either. Get your meds, take your blankie and go to bed. You really need the rest.


Shelby M.

7 months ago



IInvestigation is BS!

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