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Cheryl B.

9 months ago


I want to know what the DOJ is going to do about the evidence that should have exploded all over MSM about the IRAN DEAL and Barry Soetoro and his Puppet Masters?? The FBI, cia And NSA needs to be Dismantled, as well!!! HiLIARy Clinton is beyond disgustingly evil guilty and DESERVES to be HUNG for TREASON!!! I'm sick of this BULLSHIT!!!!!


Gail H.

9 months ago

I agree Cheryl


Donna H.

9 months ago

I with you Cheryl B, all these Democunts that are being pissy are just mad because their girl bitch is falling and taking a lot of her friends with her. I'm hoping they all go with her, they are all liar, thieves, murders, rapist, pedophiles what else can you say about some of them Democunts. Hellarys family alone is rotten to the Core. I can't wait till the ball falls on all of them, it's coming out and their running scared. They're trying to cover it up more but We The People got their number. The hammer is falling and it's going to take out a lot of the futart Democunts in one hit. Can't wait. Happy days are coming.😁


Michael K.

9 months ago

You ignorant trumpanzee go eat your banana.


Glinda Gail K.

9 months ago

Gee Cheryl tell us how you really feel...then go get your meds cause you definitely need them!

• • •

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