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Liz B.

8 months ago


He will not allow anything that doesn't benefit him#


He just do not care.I about the poor


Trump is the problem America got


Dale C.

8 months ago

??? The problem was there before Trump. Medicare is the problem that causes the prices of medication to go up in the first place. Like any other insurance company (government funded or not) because it's there, big pharma just keeps raising their prices higher and higher because insurance will cover it, especially government funded insurance. Why else would the charge 100 dollars for a 2 penny pill? They don't care about you or your health. All they care about is the money. Now, with the existence of insurance, they can charge what ever they want and they know they can get it. So, the problem is actually insurance it self in place number 1 weather it be government or private, i.e. Medicare or Blue Cross. That's the truth, not as I see it, but as it actually is.

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